But I’m Not an English Teacher

How many times have you heard, “But this isn’t English class!” when you graded a student for bad grammar or spelling in your science class? I was thinking this when I reread my first two posts and saw the quality of my writing. I actually pride myself on my vocabulary and diction while speaking but then I try to write things the way I speak and things go horribly awry. I read voraciously so you might think that I might actually be literate. I must say that, alas, my writing is not all I would like it to be. That is one of the reasons I am doing this blog – I always attack my fears and faults. When I decided to become a teacher, oh so many years ago, I knew I had a terrible fear of public speaking – so I felt more inclined to do it, just so I could destroy my fear. (Sidenote: It did not work. Everyday I start out with my stomach on fire before I utter a sound. but once I get going, you could not stop me with a bulldozer.)

As a physics teacher, my students get used to me picking on their word usage. Understanding the difference between speed and velocity or velocity and acceleration can mean the difference of passing and failing the course. So words mean something to me and I try to pass that along to everyone I come in contact. With that said, please feel free to comment on my grammar or spelling and I will fix my writing as soon as possible.

In the past when I have written something, I have always asked my wife to check my work (I need to come up with a cute name for my wife in this blog since I know that I will be mentioning her a lot. Something akin to Jennifer Ouellette’s nickname for her husband – Spousal Unit.) She is not only my favorite person in the world but she is the Queen of Literacy. (Hmmmm, maybe that could be her nickname, or maybe not if I want to sleep inside the house….) Seriously, she has the English language down like no one I have ever met. Maybe it is because she reads much more than I do. Don’t believe me? Did you read 70 books during the two summer months? My wife did. That is so wrong. I felt great having read 15 books and then I talked to her. One of my goals in life is to beat her when it comes to reading. I will never achieve it but its nice to have goals.

So what was my point? Oh yeah. My wife usually proofread my work, but now I want to see if I can actually do some writing without her help. I probably will fail at this too, but it is nice to have goals.


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