What Dreams May Come

Here I sit in the Rochester Airport once again typing another blog post. Sometimes it seems that the only time i get to write on my blog is while I am traveling. Lately, the only time I slow down is when i am waiting for transport or sitting in an office waiting to be called. Otherwise, I can honestly say that I could not fill in another thing. I have started turning down opportunities – something I have never done. It is during these infrequent slow times that i sit and review my life. It’s either that or catch a power nap – and reviewing is much more enjoyable recently. It seems that I am riding a wave, and that wave is taking me places I thought i could only dream about. The past two years has been incredible, and yet it still is getting better. Today I am about to get on a plane to DC where I will take part in the first-ever International Space Station Tweetup. Only 35 people from around the world were asked to come and I am one of them! How do I rate? The real answer is that I don’t. I am an average teacher who is just taking the time to apply for these opportunities. If you are a teacher reading this, realize that you can do these things. All you need to do is set aside a small amount of time each week to try for these things. If you spend a few minutes each week attempting to reach your goals, eventually you will.

A bit of advice though. Start small. Just like an athlete training for the big event, you must start with small goals. Not only do these small goals provide small bursts of pride(I did that?!!) they also show you what your weaknesses are. That way you can fix them and go for the next one. It’s like that with lesson plans. A teacher would never start the year with a major project with all new materials and tasks. They show students what they are capable of over a stretch of time with small tasks, eventually getting to the major project. So do this with yourself. Try for a $500 grant before the $10K grant. Become a local rep for your state organization before trying for the state position. If you pace yourself and learn from your stumbles, you will build your resume and prepare yourself for the bigger and harder challenges. And that is what it is all about. Those dreams you have of talking with astronauts or doing Shakespeare at the Globe Theatre.  Go and do research in your favorite field or do a summer internship with the sports team of your choice. The opportunities are out there and if you don’t do them, someone else will.  The only reason you won’t get the chance is because you won’t put aside a few minutes a week.

Chase your dreams.

And if you don’t have dreams like that, then get some. Why else are you on this Earth if not to dream and chase after them.

That is why you dream at night. Your brain is asking “What if?”

So ask yourself…

“What if?”


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