First: A haircut and a shave

A rule my mother taught me that I think all mothers teach their children is to never leave the house without a pair of clean underwear. At the time I always did what all children do – said (with the obligatory eye rolling) “Yes mom, I have clean underwear on.” The reason was always the same ” What if you were in an accident, and were taken to the hospital…”

So my mom not only taught me to look presentable before I go out(some people I know would say I didn’t learn that part well) but to also get the unseen parts of myself presentable also.

I’ve been doing that now for a couple of weeks. Redoing the infrastructure of my online persona.

Tearing down my faded class wiki piece by piece since those courses are no more.

I’ve also started to change up my blog site. I want it to contain links to people on the cutting edge of this battle for our students souls. People like Diane Ravitch
and Frank Noschese.

I’ve created a Facebook page to do what my old wiki did when I came to showing what it is I do in education. And yes, it will have an actual picture of me instead of my avatar.

Still working on a few other things. I’ve gotta get down to my fighting weight.

This is going to be one heckuva battle.
And, I think, a long one.

But I will do nothing that would not have made my mother proud.

Isn’t that the point of life?


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