I am not Grumpy… So there!

Anyone who has only read my blog or my recent twitter conversations probably has gotten the wrong idea about me. I am not a grumpy person. I do not hate my school, my administration, or even Bill Gates.

Maybe I hate Rupert Murdoch a little. But he deserves it.

I live my life to the fullest. Anyone who knows me, probably thinks of me laughing or doing something silly. I have been near death too many times to take life for granted. During my recent trip on the Vomit Comet, the flight surgeon floated past me saying we should rename our experiment,”The effect of zero-G on laughter.” I giggled for a solid hour and a half.

Seriously, I giggled like a little child.

My favorite performance review came from an administrator who had never observed me before. He said that the thing that struck him was that he had never in over 30 years seen a teacher smile and laugh as much as I do when I am in the classroom. My students even have names for the different types of laughs I have. Including the one they call “my evil laugh.” They know they are in for a thought-provoking day if I utter that laugh.

So where is that laughter here?

I promise to put more of that into this blog. In fact, I ask you to share with me the good stories in education that you come across. I will add them with zeal.

But the main reason for starting this up again was because of the horrible things I have seen during the past few years. I have started this public viewing of my opinions to start a dialogue or discussion or something that will get teachers talking about what is happening to them. During the past two weeks I have had discussions online in Twitter and Facebook with teachers who are AFRAID to speak out in their schools and in public. One person told me that my view about unions was wrong since they are the only ones who can stand up and speak for us. My view is that they haven’t been doing a good enough job. Or if they have done the best they can, they are losing the battle.

It’s time for more people to stand up. Maybe we will get a laugh out of it.

There are already tears.

But I promise you this. If you start the dialogue, I will definitely add the humor and laughter. We need laughter to scare off the evil ones…  


6 thoughts on “I am not Grumpy… So there!

  1. I haven’t yet posted on your blog, but I love it, grump and all. You’re saying stuff that needs to be said, and serving as a terrific example for teachers near and far. Keep it up. I can get my laughs from XKCD.

  2. This is the second time in two days that I’ve seen XKCD mentioned. I’d not been aware of it until now, and clearly, the Universe wants me to check it out. I can’t wait.

    Gene — Keep roaring and keep laughing (or both at the same time). A satire of ridonkulous educational policies would be a great way for you to combine the two. And come and get your strawberry runners before the &%$^%&# deer who’s been visiting eats em all up. She already polished off all my blackberries, which I do care about, and my morning glories, which I DON’T. Plus, there’s a jar of my homemade Tripleberry Jam in it for you and the Mrs.

    OH! And speaking of which, I saw a very interesting recipe for Beer Jelly. Have you ever had that? The recipe calls for Guinness dark, but I’m guessing you might have some suggestions of gourmet beers worth “jellifying.”

    Andrea Ploscowe

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